Working with an LOA (Letter of Agency)

A Letter of Agency is used as an agreement between the customer and Flowroute as a means of authorizing Flowroute to act on the customers behalf.

The LOA submission contains the pertinent information inside the Port Order including all the phone numbers being ported and the carriers involved. To file an LOA for a Port Order, the customer first requests the LOA form for the specific Order. They then complete the necessary details and submit that form back to Flowroute to begin LSP processing of the Order.

  1. The user posts completed form along with fields that include a ‘signature_name’ and ‘signature_title’ as the way to indicate they wish the Port Order to proceed.
    1. Once validated, we generate the PDF copy of the data and store it with the rest of the documents for the Port Order.
    2. This will move the state of the port order to ‘processing’.
  2. If processed successfully, the system will return a json body for the port order including the status change from pending to processing, and a new business document entry for the LOA.


GET /portorders/:portorder_id/loa

Response Format

Returns all the information needed to submit a Letter of Agency for a specific Port Order.

Example Request

                                    GET /v2/portorders/41352/loa HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json

Example Request

curl -X GET -u accessKey:secretKey -H 'Content-Type':'application/json'


Note: the LOA copy below is just an example of the actual text returned to the user.

							200 OK
  "data": {
    "attributes": {
      "numbers": ["4254454444", "4254454443", "4254454442"],
      "billing_name": "John Smith",
      "street": "200 3rd Ave S",      
      "street2": "Suite 200",
      "city": "Tacoma",
      "state": "WA",
      "zip": "90101",
      "country": "US",
      "provider": "AT&T;",
      "usage_type": "Business",
      "company": "Smith Processing",
      "signature_name": "",
      "signature_title": "",
      "loa_copy": "Flowroute is selected by the customer for all local calls, intrastate toll calls, interstate toll calls, international calls and all
                   text messaging (SMS/MMS) transmission to and from the numbers listed.
                   Customer acknowledges they have read the LOA copy ( and authorizes
                   Flowroute as the Agent of the End User to make changes on their behalf, including signing on their behalf."
    "id": "41351",
    "type": "loa"