Numbers API v2

The Flowroute Numbers API (v2) allows you to purchase new phone numbers and manage your phone numbers over a RESTful HTTP interface.


Numbers v2 supports HTTP Basic Auth. Use your API credentials from Flowroute Manage to authenticate: Access Key serves as your username while Secret Key serves as your password.


Numbers v2 is versioned according to Flowroute's philosophy on overall API structure changes.

Looking to manage your phone numbers?

With the Flowroute Numbers API, you can perform the following operations:

  • List your account phone numbers
  • List details on a phone number
  • List North American area codes and exchanges served by the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) with purchasable phone numbers
  • Purchase a phone number from available Flowroute inventory
  • Update primary and failover voice routes for your phone numbers
  • Modify route information for primary and failover voice routes
  • Create and list inbound routes for your account
  • Create and assign E911 addresses to your long code or toll-free numbers
  • Create and assign CNAM values to your long code numbers
  • Unassign previously associated E911 or CNAM record from a phone number

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