Validate an E911 Address

Lets you validate an E911 address whether it is a new or an existing address on your account.


POST /e911s/validate

Body Parameters

  • data
    object REQUIRED

    E911 object to be validated which is composed of type and attributes.

    • type
      string REQUIRED

      Object type. This will always be e911.

    • attributes
      object REQUIRED

      Object composed of the following required attributes of an E911 object:

      • label string- Unique friendly name for the E911 address to be validated.

      • first_name string- First name associated with the E911 address to be validated.

      • last_name string- Last name associated with the E911 address to be validated.

      • street_number integer- The street number of the E911 address to be validated.

      • street_name string- The street name of the E911 address to be validated.

      • address_type string- Address type for the E911 address to be validated and added to your account, if applicable. You can set the address type to any of the following case-insensitive options:

        • Apartment
        • Basement
        • Building
        • Department
        • Floor
        • Front
        • Key
        • Lobby
        • Lot
        • Lower
        • Office
        • Penthouse
        • Pier
        • Rear
        • Room
        • Side
        • Slip
        • Space
        • Stop
        • Suite
        • Trailer
        • Unit
        • Upper
      • address_type_number string- Identifier associated with the address type. For example, A-1 Required if the E911 address to be validated contains an address type.

      • city string- City where the E911 address to be validated is located.

      • state string- Two-letter abbreviated US state or Canadian province or territory in uppercase where the E911 city is located.

      • country string- Two-letter abbreviated country code in uppercase where the city and state or province of the E911 address are located. Valid options are US for USA and CA for Canada.

      • zip string- Valid US or Canada zip code for the E911 address to be validated. For example, 98104 for the US and M4C 5K7 for Canada.

Response Fields

On success, the HTTP status code in the response header is 204 No Content and there is no response body. On error, the header status code is an error code and the response body contains an array of error objects.

If the address provided requires correction, then the response body will contain a list of errors with an object that contains the title Address Correction Required and the corrected address in the detail section.

Example Request

POST /v2/e911s/validate HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/vnd.api+json
Accept: application/vnd.api+json

  "data": {
    "type": "e911",
    "attributes": {
      "label": "First e911 record",
      "first_name": "Bob",
      "last_name": "Law",
      "street_number": "123",
      "street_name": "Smith St",
      "city": "Seattle",
      "state": "WA",
      "country": "US",
      "zip": "98101"


Example Request

curl -X POST -u accessKey:secretKey -d '{"data":{"type": "e911", "attributes":{"label": "First e911 record", "first_name": "Bob", "last_name": "Law", "street_number": "123", "street_name": "Smith St", "city": "Seattle", "state": "WA", "country": "US", "zip": "98101"}}}' -H 'Content-Type':'application/vnd+api.json'


Example Request

This assumes that you have the Python API Wrapper installed and set up. The following example is from Please make sure to use neutral (vertical) quotes in your request. Smart quotes are known to cause errors.

print("\n--Validate an Address")
    result = e911s_controller.validate_address(
                                               label="Test Address",
                                               street_name="3rd Ave",
except Exception as e:


Example Responses

Successful validation



Address not found


            "detail":"Could not geocode this address. Please check the validity of your address.",
            "title":"Client Error"


Duplicate address


    "errors": [
            "detail": "Duplicate e911 address found on your account.",
            "id": "d8cc519f-6640-42f0-9feb-768775c85d96",
            "status": 400,
            "title": "Client Error"


Address Correction Required

The submitted address is 4th Avenue S and the corrected address is 4th Ave

E911 Request

    curl -X POST
         -H "Content-Type: application/json"
         -d '{
            "data": {
                 "type": "e911",
                 "attributes": {
                     "label": "First",
                     "first_name": "Bob",
                     "last_name": "Smith",
                     "street_number": "2101",
                     "street_name": "4th Avenue S",
                     "city": "Seattle",
                     "state": "WA",
                     "zip": "98121",
                     "country": "US"


        "errors": [
                    "street_name":"4TH AVE ",
                "title":"Address Correction Required"