Flowroute API

The Flowroute API is organized around REST. Our API has resource-oriented URLs, supports HTTP Verbs, and responds with HTTP Status Codes. All API requests and responses, including errors, will be represented as JSON objects.

Our API currently supports two major services each of which has two versions which differ in capability and the authentication method used:

Service Version
Number Management including routes on both versions, E911 addresses and CNAM storage on v2
  • v1
  • v2
  • v2
  • v2.1

Latest Versions

Number Management v2

Numbers v2 allows you to perform all of v1 functionality only with richer JSON request and response objects, more meaningful resource names, and standard HTTP Basic Auth which will lead to faster integration with your app.Additionally, you can now manage your E911 addresses and CNAM storage via the API v2. We have made our Numbers v2 spec available via our Libraries v3 and highly encourage your feedback.

Messaging v2.1 mms sms

Messages v2.1 allows you to send and receive SMS (text messages) and MMS (multimedia messages) on long code and toll-free numbers. Version 2.1 also utilizes HTTP Basic Auth and supports compact and JSON API requests. Additionally, v2.1 offers embedded delivery receipt information for outbound SMS. We have made our Messages v2.1 spec available via our Libraries v3 and highly encourage your feedback.

Older Versions

Number Management v1

Numbers v1 allows you to search for purchasable numbers, manage numbers that you own, and manage inbound routes for these numbers. Version 1 only supports a Custom Authentication scheme.

Messaging v2 sms

Messages v2 allows you to send, receive, and review text-only messages (SMS) on long code and toll-free numbers. Messages v2 utilizes HTTP Basic Auth.

Base URL


API Libraries

Flowroute offers wrapper SDKs for the following API services in various languages:

  • Number Management
    • Inbound Routes
    • E911 Addresses
    • CNAM Storage
  • Messaging
    • Inbound and outbound SMS & MMS
    • Message Detail Records (MDRs) for SMS and MMS