Porting API v2

The Port Orders API allows Flowroute customers to port numbers from another provider to Flowroute.


Authentication Use your API credentials from Flowroute Manage to authenticate: Access Key serves as your username while Secret Key serves as your password. For detailed information about making an API request see the article in the Developer Center - http://developer.flowroute.com/docs/purchase-your-first-flowroute-phone-number


Porting v2 is versioned according to Flowroute's philosophy on overall API structure changes.

Looking to Port your numbers to Flowroute?

With the Flowroute Porting API, you can perform the following operations:

  • Validate portability of long code or toll-free phone numbers
  • Create port orders for valid long code or toll-free numbers
  • Preset related services for the porting phone numbers
  • Configure real-time porting notifications
  • View port order details and status
  • Update the phone numbers in a port order
  • Update details in a port order
  • Upload and download business documents for the port order
  • Submit a Letter of Agency (LOA) for your port order
  • Cancel a port order

For an overview of number porting and how it works, see the Number Porting page.

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