View Port Order Status

Returns port order status information of a specified port order ID.


GET portorders/:portorder_id/status

Body Parameters

  • data

    Data object for the port order status.

  • id

    Port order ID.

  • type

    This will always be portorder.

  • attributes

    Object composed of the following port order status attributes.

  • Attributes

  • status
    • Pending

      Requires customer action to submit the port order to Flowroute; if port order is not updated or submitted within 45 days it will be automatically canceled.

    • Processing

      Requires Flowroute action to submit to the LSP

    • Submitted

      Submitted to LSP and awaiting a response

    • Accepted

      LSP accepted the port order request and a completion date has been set

    • Rejected

      Port order was Rejected and is awaiting customer action and re-submission. Note that resubmission of an in flight order does not incur additional fees

    • Review

      Customer has resubmitted after a rejection and the order is awaiting Flowroute action. Note that resubmission of an in flight does not incur additional fees

    • Completed

      The port order completed

    • Canceled

      Customer decided not to continue the process and canceled the port order from the Pending status. No fees are incurred.

    • Abandoned

      Customer canceled an order from the Rejected status or did not resubmit a Rejected order within 45 days. No fees are incurred.

    • Hard_canceled

      Canceled from the Submitted status or after a completion date was provided; cancellation fees may be assessed

  • status_updated_at

    Date and time, to the second, on which the port order was last updated. Only displays a timestamp in the ISO 8601 format once the port order is past the pending status.

Example Request

GET /v2/portorders/41351/status HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json

Example Request

curl -X GET -u accessKey:secretKey


200 OK

  "data": {
    "attributes": {
      "status": "pending",
      "status_updated_at": "2018-07-31T21:34:17Z"
    "id": "41351",
    "type": "portorder"