Receive Status Change Notifications

If you specify a ‘status_url’ parameter in your Port Order, you will receive a POST notification to that URL whenever the status of that Port Order changes. URLs can be unique per port order, or used across multiple orders.

Notification Fields

  • data

    Data object for the newly created portorder_group object.

  • attributes

    Object composed of the following port order group attributes.

  • type

    This is the Port Order Id.

  • attributes

    The JSON response of a successful port order submission includes

  • the following additional fields. For all other attributes, see Body Parameters of "Create a Port Order".


  • version

    The current version of the callback specification.

  • event_type

    Describes the event. Current values only include ‘status_change’. More event types will be added as the API matures.

  • timestamp

    The UNIX timestamp when the event was generated.

  • resource_type

    The type of resource the event is associated with. This is currently limited to ‘portorders’.

  • resource_id

    The ID of the resource the event pertains to.

  • status

    Port order status. For port order submission, this will always return pending.

    • Pending

      Requires customer action to submit the port order to Flowroute; if port order is not updated or submitted within 45 days it will be automatically canceled.

    • Processing

      Requires Flowroute action to submit to the LSP

    • Submitted

      Submitted to LSP and awaiting a response

    • Accepted

      LSP accepted the port order request and a completion date has been set

    • Rejected

      Port order was Rejected and is awaiting customer action and re-submission: Note that resubmission of an in flight order does not incur additional fees

    • Review

      Customer has resubmitted after a rejection and the order is awaiting Flowroute action; Note that resubmission of an in flight does not incur additional fees

    • Completed

      The port order completed

    • Canceled

      Customer decided not to continue the process and canceled the port order from the Pending status; no fees are incurred

    • Abandoned

      Customer canceled an order from the Rejected status or did not resubmit a Rejected order within 45 days; no fees are incurred

    • Hard_canceled

      Canceled from the Submitted status or after a completion date was provided; cancellation fees may be assessed

  • message

    Further information about the event.

Notification Example

    "data": {
        "type": "event",
        "id": "d7a11350-74da-423f-9162-ae73f0e3b7b0",
        "attributes": {
            "version": "2.1",
            "event_type": "status_change",
            "timestamp": "2018-06-06T21:30:42Z",
            "resource_type": "portorders",
            "resource_id": "1234",
            "status": "processing",
            "message": "Port Order #1234 is now being processed."