Libraries & SDKs

Libraries & SDKs

Flowroute offers API libraries in various languages for you to manage your phone numbers and messages. These libraries are open-source and are hosted on Github. Our libraries are versioned independently from our APIs. For instance, Numbers v2 and Messages v2.1 are encapsulated in version 3 of our libraries. Select a programming language below to work with our latest libraries:

Library Version Auth Scheme JSON Format Mapped API Version Services Supported

v3 Recommended

HTTP Basic Auth JSON API-Compliant (application/vnd.api+json)
  • improved long code and toll-free number management
  • inbound route management
  • separate endpoints for primary and failover inbound voice route updates
  • Programmatic management of E911 addresses and CNAM records
  • Inbound and outbound SMS & MMS
  • Message Detail Records (MDRs) for SMS and MMS
v2 Legacy HTTP Basic Auth Plain JSON (application/json) Messages v2
  • Inbound and outbound SMS
  • Message Detail Records (MDRs) for SMS

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