CDR (Call Detail Record) API

The Flowroute CDR API allows you to query and download Call Detail records from your account using various query parameters. The CDR API is a subset of the Numbers V2 API and uses the same authentication method as that API.


Use your API credentials from Flowroute Manage to authenticate: Access Key serves as your username while Secret Key serves as your password.


Numbers v2 is versioned according to Flowroute's philosophy on overall API structure changes.

Query Call Detail Records

Retrieve your Call Detail records over a specific period of time and with various query parameters.

The CDR API allows users to submit requests for Call Detail records. The request sets up a background task that gathers the necessary data and writes it to an encrypted bucket in Amazon's S3 Storage facility. When complete, the user will be able to download the file from S3 for their use. See CDR Results for an explanation of the file contents and format.

Upon successful submission, the response contains a resource Id that the user can query to see the overall status of the request. The initial status is marked as 'processing' and there is no download URL available. When the status reaches 'completed', the response will include a pre-assigned S3 download URL. Typical completion times are less than 5 minutes but will vary depending on the amount of data available and the complexity of the query submitted.

Loading the resulting URL into a web browser or other HTTP request mechanism will download the resulting data file.

The specified download URL will expire after 3 days. There is an 'expires_at' field in the response that indicates when the expiration will occur (Note: the time specified is in UTC).

With the Flowroute CDR API, you can query / filter by any combination of the following parameters:

  • Call Start Time
  • Number Alias(s)
  • Destination Number(s)
  • Caller Id
  • Caller IP Address
  • Calls with a Duration Larger than 'X'
  • Calls with a Duration Smaller than 'X'
  • Calls with a Cost Greater than 'X'
  • Calls with a Cost Smaller than 'X'
  • Calls made to Specific Countries
  • Specify only Toll Free Calls
  • Specify only Inbound or Outbound Calls
  • Calls with a specific Destination Prefix
  • Calls with a specific Caller Id Prefix

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