CDR Export Data

The Flowroute CDR API returns a large amount of data. This article will describe what data is returned and the format of the data file.

Once the CDR job is complete and you have downloaded the generated data file, see Query CDRs for how to initiate this process, you will need to un-compress the data file. The resulting file is a 'CSV' file, with the first line being a list of the fields in the report. To process this file you could use a Python Solution or any other programming language to parse the file.

The fields are returned as follows: (see the Glossary for more information about these fields.)

  1. Call Start Time
  2. Destination Name
  3. Caller Id
  4. Call Direction
  5. Call Result
  6. Customer IP Address
  7. Call Destination
  8. Call Duration
  9. Call Billed Duration
  10. Call Rate
  11. Call First Increment
  12. Call Second Increment
  13. Call Cost
  14. Connection Fee applied to the call
  15. USF Fee applied to the call
  16. CCRF (Carrier Cost Recovery Fee)
  17. The value of the 'X-Tag' attached by a PBX making the call
  18. The 'alias' applied the Flowroute number

Example Data

2019-01-01 00:04:14+00,UNITED STATES,+19512684404,Outbound,cancelled,,19518170694,,,0.0035,6,6,,0.0000,,0.00000000,,Office 888
2019-01-01 00:04:00+00,UNITED STATES,+19492878677,Outbound,completed,,19162763889,45,48,0.0035,6,6,0.00280000,0.0000,0.00032528,0.00000000,,Office 221
2019-01-01 00:02:25+00,UNITED STATES,+14058081244,Outbound,completed,,14083545658,6,6,0.0035,6,6,0.00035000,0.0000,0.00004066,0.00000000,,Office 221
2019-01-01 00:02:10+00,UNITED STATES,+16612057789,Outbound,completed,,12488876534,8,12,0.0035,6,6,0.00070000,0.0000,0.00008132,0.00000000,,Office 221
2019-01-01 00:01:33+00,UNITED STATES,+19703920690,Outbound,completed,,13035969134,70,72,0.0035,6,6,0.00420000,0.0000,0.00048792,0.00000000,,Office 888
2019-01-01 00:00:13+00,UNITED STATES,+17147211472,Outbound,completed,,13309570181,21,24,0.0035,6,6,0.00140000,0.0000,0.00016264,0.00000000,,Office 221