Update and Validate an Existing E911 Address

Lets you update and validate an existing E911 address on your account. You must create the E911 address first by following Create and Validate a New E911 Address.


PATCH /e911s/:e911_id

Request Parameters

Path Parameter

  • e911_id
    string REQUIRED

    The unique identifier for the E911 record you want to update.

Body Parameters

  • data
    object REQUIRED

    E911 object to be updated and validated which is composed of type and attributes.

    • type
      string REQUIRED

      Object type. This will always be e911.

    • attributes
      object REQUIRED

      Object composed of the different attributes of an E911 object. You can update one or more of the attribute fields below:

      • label string- Unique friendly name for the E911 address to be validated.

      • first_name string- First name associated with the E911 address to be validated.

      • last_name string- Last name associated with the E911 address to be validated.

      • street_number integer- The street number of the E911 address to be validated.

      • street_name string- The street name of the E911 address to be validated.

      • address_type string- Address type for the E911 address to be validated and added to your account, if applicable. You can set the address type to any of the following case-insensitive options:

        • Apartment
        • Basement
        • Building
        • Department
        • Floor
        • Front
        • Key
        • Lobby
        • Lot
        • Lower
        • Office
        • Penthouse
        • Pier
        • Rear
        • Room
        • Side
        • Slip
        • Space
        • Stop
        • Suite
        • Trailer
        • Unit
        • Upper
      • address_type_number integer- Number associated with the address type. Required if the E911 address to be validated contains an address type.

      • city string- City where the E911 address to be validated is located.

      • state string- Two-letter abbreviated US state or Canadian province or territory in uppercase where the E911 city is located.

      • country string- Two-letter abbreviated country code in uppercase where the city and state or province of the E911 address are located. Valid options are US for USA and CA for Canada.

      • zip string- Valid US or Canada zip code for the E911 address to be validated. For example, 98104 for the US and M4C 5K7 for Canada.

Response Fields

On success, the HTTP status code in the response header is 204 No Content which means that the server successfully processed the request and is not returning any content.

Example Request

PATCH /v2/e911s/20155 HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/vnd.api+json
Accept: application/vnd.api+json
  "data": {
    "type": "e911",
    "attributes": {
      "label": "Dr. Johnson"


Example Request

curl -X PATCH https://api.flowroute.com/v2/e911s/20155 -u accessKey:secretKey -d '{ "data": { "type": "e911", "attributes": { "label": "Dr. Johnson"}}}' -H 'Content-Type':'application/vnd.api+json' 


Example Response


401 Unauthorized

  "errors": [
      "detail": "Authentication failed.",
      "id": "7fc8c70a-ca58-430c-b383-b89df84f8083",
      "status": 401,
      "title": "Unauthorized"


403 Forbidden

{  "errors": 
      "status": 403, 
      "detail": "", 
      "title": "ActionNotAuthorizedError"