POST /messages

Body Parameters

  • to
    string required

    Valid phone number that you're sending the message to. This number must be in E.164 format. e.g. 12065551234

  • from
    string required

    Flowroute phone number that you're sending the message from. This must be a number that you own in your Flowroute account in E.164 format. e.g. 12065551234

  • body

    Optional, if media_urls is specified.

    The plain-text content of the message that is counted in the total message size which is currently restricted to 750kB. Depending on the length of your message and if you set it to MMS, your message may be broken into multiple fragments and sent as SMS instead. Refer to Message Length & Concatenation for specific information on MMS limitations.

  • media_urls
    array of strings

    Optional, if body is specified. The publicly accessible URL of the media that you are sending. You may attach more than one media file so long as they meet the size limitation of 750kB including text.

  • is_mms

    A flag that you can set for sending a text-only MMS without specifying a media_urls.

  • dlr_callback

    A callback URL that you can configure on a per message basis for delivery receipt updates. Upon sending your MMS, Flowroute will post the delivery receipts to the dlr_callback that you've set. To learn more, see Receive a DLR.

    Note: this will override the global mms_dlr_callback if set (see the Set a Callback URL for an Account section for more information.).

Response Format

On success, the HTTP status code in the response header is 202 Accepted and the response body contains the message record ID with mdr2 prefix. On error, the header status code is an error code and the response body contains an array of error objects.

Response Fields

Upon successful configuration, Flowroute will start posting your inbound MMS messages to your MMS Callback URL. The HTTP status code in the response header is 200 OK and the response body contains a detailed message object in JSON format. If you don't receive the POST notifications, check that your callback service and MMS Callback URL are set up correctly.

  • data

    Message object composed of the following:

    • price_details object - The pricing details of the message sent.

      • base_rate decimal - The base cost per message segment. Unit is USD.

      • charged_cost decimal - The total cost of the message. This is calculate by the following formula: (base_rate + surcharge_rate) * segment_count

      • segment_count int - The SMS industry standard for a single message is 160 characcters as defined in the GSM 03.38 standard

      • surcharge_rate decimal - The surcharge price per segment that the message incurred.

  • id

    ID of the MMS message with the mdr2 prefix.

  • type

    This will always be message.