POST <dlr_callback_url>

Response Fields

Upon successful configuration, Flowroute will start posting your delivery receipts to your DLR Callback URL. The HTTP status code in the response header is 200 OK and the response body contains a detailed delivery receipt object in JSON format. You typically receive two delivery reports for every message that you send: Level 1 and Level 2. Learn more about the two types in Delivery Receipts. If you do not receive the POST notifications, check that your callback service and DLR Callback URL are set up correctly.

  • data

    Delivery receipt object composed of the following:

    • attributes

      Different attributes of a delivery receipt object:

      • body string- The content of your outbound SMS. Always empty for MMS.

      • level integer- This can be 1 for a Level 1 or External Short Messaging Entity (ESME) to carrier delivery or 2 for any message processing thereafter.

      • status string- Status of the message.

      • status_code string- Applicable delivery receipt status code. See Delivery Receipt Response Codes for a list of the different responses that you can get.

      • status_code_description string- Corresponding explanation for the status_code of your delivery receipt.

      • timestamp datetime - Date and time, to the second, on which the message was sent. This field displays date and time in UTC following the complete date plus hours, minutes and seconds ISO 8601 format.

    • id

      ID of the message with the mdr2 prefix.

    • links

      Links object pointing to the related outbound Message Detail Record (MDR).

      • related string- URL of the message detail record for the sent message.

    • type

      This will always be delivery_receipt.