POST <sms_callback_url>

Response Fields

Upon successful configuration, Flowroute will start posting your inbound SMS messages to your SMS Callback URL. The HTTP status code in the response header is 200 OK and the response body contains a detailed message object in JSON format. If you don't receive the POST notifications, check that your callback service and SMS Callback URL are set up correctly.

  • data

    Message object composed of the following:

    • attributes

      Different attributes of an inbound SMS message object:

      • amount_display float- The cost of the message in USD.

      • amount_nanodollars number- The cost of the message in nanodollars. The displayed nanodollars amount is the amount_display value multiplied by 1,000,000,000 (one billion) for a corresponding whole number.

      • body string- The content of the message that was sent to your Flowroute long code or toll-free number.

      • delivery_receipts array of objects- An array of delivery receipt objects containing status information of your message. This is currently not available for MMS.

      • direction string- Direction of the message. This will always be inbound.

      • from string- Source phone number in E.164 format that the SMS message is being sent from.

      • is_mms boolean- This will always be false if you are receiving an SMS.

      • message_callback_url string- Your SMS Callback URL that you have configured in the Manage portal.

      • message_encoding integer- Type of encoding that was used to send the SMS message. To learn more about message encoding, please refer to Message Length & Concatenation.

      • message_type string - Type of the Flowroute phone number receiving the SMS message. This could either be longcode or toll-free.

      • status string - Delivery status of the message. Since you are receiving a POST notification of a successfully sent SMS to your Flowroute number, the status will always be "delivered".

      • timestamp datetime - Date and time, to the second, on which the message was sent. This field displays date and time in UTC following the complete date plus hours, minutes, seconds and a decimal fraction of a second ISO 8601 format.

      • to string - Your Flowroute long code or toll-free number in E.164 format that is receiving the SMS message.

    • id

      ID of the SMS message with the mdr2 prefix.

    • type

      This will always be message.