Numbers API v2.1

The Flowroute Numbers API (v2.1) allows you to purchase new phone numbers and manage your phone numbers over a RESTful HTTP interface.


Numbers v2.1 (Beta) supports HTTP Basic Auth. Use your API credentials from Flowroute Manage to authenticate: Access Key serves as your username while Secret Key serves as your password.


Numbers v2.1 (Beta) is versioned according to Flowroute's philosophy on resource-level breaking changes.

Looking to manage your phone numbers?

With the Flowroute Numbers API, you can perform the following operations:

  • List your account phone numbers
  • List details on a phone number
  • List area codes and exchanges with purchasable phone numbers
  • Purchase a phone number from available Flowroute inventory
  • Specify primary and failover routes for your phone numbers at much more granular product levels: Voice, SMS, MMS, DLR.
  • Create and list inbound routes for your account

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