POST <mms_callback_url>

Message Object

  • from

    Valid phone number that the MMS message is being sent from. This number must be in E.164 format. e.g. +12065551234

  • to

    Flowroute local or toll-free number receiving the MMS message. This must be a number that you own in your Flowroute account in E.164 format. e.g. +12065551234

  • body

    Optional, if media_url is specified. The plain-text content of the delivered message.

  • direction

    Direction of the message. This will always be inbound.

  • message_type

    Type of the Flowroute phone number receiving the MMS message. This could either be longcode or toll-free.

  • is_mms

    This will always be true if you are receiving an MMS. This attribute is defined by the person sending the message. If not specified, then the message will be sent out as SMS if it is text-only. It will be sent as MMS if it has a media_urls value.

  • message_encoding

    This will always be set to 0 for MMS. To learn more about message encoding, please refer to Message Length & Concatenation.

  • amount_display

    The cost of the message in USD.

  • amount_nanodollars

    The cost of the message in nanodollars. The displayed nanodollars amount is the USD amount_display value multiplied by 1,000,000,000 (one billion) for a corresponding whole number.

  • timestamp

    Date and time that the message was sent.

  • delivery_receipts

    A list of fields pertaining to delivery receipt of your message. This includes status, status_code, and status_code_description among others.

Response Format

On success, the HTTP status code in the response header is 200 OK and the response body contains the messagerecord ID. On error, the header status code is an error code and the response body contains an error object.