Numbers API v1 vs v2

Flowroute currently offers two different ways for you to programmatically manage phone numbers and inbound routes associated with your account. If you are new to phone number management with Flowroute or if you are an existing customer using the Flowroute API v1, read on for a summary of the key benefits associated with Numbers v2. The new API version offers richer and much more functional Numbers and Routes resources.

Capability Numbers v1 Numbers v2 Numbers v2 Benefit
Authentication Custom Authentication using a Hash-based message authentication code Basic Authentication which is the most common HTTP authentication scheme and is built into the HTTP protocol Reduced integration time with Flowroute services given that Basic Auth is simpler and is more familiar for most developers.
Request / Response Formats Plain JSON JSON API-compliant Consistency in JSON API formatting results in a uniform experience for Flowroute’s customers and promotes rapid integration. See The Benefits of Using JSON API for more details.
Phone Number Search Limited to pattern matching Added support for starts_with, ends_with, contains, and filtering by max_setup_cost when searching for available area codes and exchanges. More granular search and filtering capabilities will provide customers with an expanded toolset to find the phone numbers of their choice while adhering to their budgets.
Inbound Route Management A single endpoint to manage both primary and failover routes for inbound voice calls with no ability to search for routes by route type Separate endpoints to manage primary and failover routes for inbound voice calls with the added ability to filter routes by route type Enhanced search options and the ability to manage inbound routes in a more modular manner.
Response Pagination Traversal Supports filtering by page and limit, with a maximum of 200 items returned Supports filtering by offset and limit, with related links and a maximum of 400 items returned (currently for area code search only) More flexible pagination and the addition of related links help with a better user experience and processing of large response datasets in chunks.
Phone Number Object Limited to route types of the inbound routes for the phone number and its billing method Includes the ability to view phone number attributes and relationships such as CNAM presets, E911 addresses, and primary and failover route information. A more comprehensive view of the phone number object saves time and the hassle of making multiple API requests to view related information.

Backward Compatibility with Flowroute API v1

The Flowroute API v2 is not backward compatible with v1. There are multiple differences between the two versions: authentication method, JSON structure of requests/responses, route and phone number objects, and other capabilities mentioned above.

Deprecation of Flowroute API v1

Existing customers can continue to use version 1 of the API at least until June 2019.

Support for New Phone Number Management

To learn more about Numbers v2, see the API reference. Flowroute has also launched version 3 of itslibraries to support not only Numbers v2 but also Messaging v2.1. See Libraries v3 for the associated documentation of your preferred programming language.