Create an Inbound Route

Use this endpoint to create a new inbound route. Routes can then be associated with phone numbers using the Update Phone Number Routes endpoint.


PUT /routes/route_name

Request Parameters

  • route_name
    string required

    Name of the route to be created. Alphanumeric characters are supported.

  • type
    string required

    The type of route to be created. Route type can be HOST, PSTN, or URI. Note: In a Python or PHP request using the SDK, mtype must be used instead of type.

  • value
    string required

    Value of the route, dependent on the type:

    • If HOST, the value must be an IP address or URL
      with an optional port number. For example, an IP address could be or a URL could be If no port is specified, the server will attempt to use DNS SRV records.

    • If PSTN, the value must be in E.164 format. e.g.,16476998778.

    • IfURI, the value must be formatted as protocol:user@domain[:port][;transport=<tcp/udp>.

      For example,, sip:16476998778@;transport=tcp, or

Example Request

This assumes that you have the Python API Wrapper installed and set up.

#Instantiate the Controller
irc = InboundRoutesController()

#Create an Inbound Route
response = irc.create_new_route(route_name='PSTNRoute1',mtype='PSTN',value='18002364455')  
print (response)
response = irc.create_new_route(route_name='HOSTRoute1',mtype='HOST',value='')
print (response)
response = irc.create_new_route(route_name='URIRoute1',mtype='URI',value='sip:120664480000@')
print (response)


Example Request

This assumes that you have the PHP API Wrapper installed and set up.

#Instantiate the Controller
use FlowrouteNumbersLib\Controllers\InboundRoutesController;
use FlowrouteNumbersLib\APIException;

$irc = new InboundRoutesController();

use FlowrouteNumbersLib\Models\Route;

#Create the Route
$response = $irc->createNewRoute('PSTNRoute1','PSTN','18002364455');
$response = $irc->createNewRoute('HOSTRoute1','HOST','');
$response = $irc->createNewRoute('URIRoute1','URI','sip:120664480000@');


Example Request

This assumes that you have the Ruby API Wrapper installed and set up.

#Instantiate the Controller
irc =

#Create a New Route
response = irc.create_new_route(route_name='PSTNRoute1',type='PSTN',value='12065551212')
response = irc.create_new_route(route_name='HOSTRoute1',type='HOST',value='')
response = irc.create_new_route(route_name='URIRoute1',type='URI',value='sip:12065551212@')


Example Request

This assumes that you have the Node.js API Wrapper installed and set up.

1. Load the Numbers v1 SDK and Node.js util module
2. Declare flowroutenumberslib path relative to your JS file
var flowroute = require('./flowroutenumberslib'); 
var util = require('util');

//Define your callback function
var cb =  function(err, response){
       console.log(util.inspect(response, false, null));
 // console.log(response);

//Create a New Route
flowroute.InboundRoutesController.createNewRoute("PSTNRoute1", "PSTN", "18002364455", cb);
flowroute.InboundRoutesController.createNewRoute("HOSTRoute1", "HOST", "", cb);
flowroute.InboundRoutesController.createNewRoute("URIRoute1", "URI", "sip:120664480000@", cb);


Example Response

201 Created

' '