Port Orders API v2 (Beta)

The Port Orders API v2 (Beta) allows you to move your phone numbers from your current service provider to Flowroute in a more streamlined manner. This API automates and gives you real-time status updates to help you efficiently manage your port orders.


The Flowroute API v2 (Beta) utilizes Basic Auth via HTTPS to authenticate API requests. You must replace accessKey:secretKey with your API credentials from the Flowroute Manager. Any requests sent via HTTP will fail.

Looking to port your phone numbers?

The Port Orders API v2 (Beta) allows Flowroute customers to port numbers from a different provider to Flowroute. With the Port Orders API, you can validate portability of phone numbers, create port orders for valid numbers, preset services for the porting numbers, and get real-time porting notifications.

Porting Flow Diagram

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