Check Portability

Private Beta Notice

The Port Orders API endpoints are currently in Private Beta. Some features may change as we receive and incorporate your feedback. To get invited and start testing the beta version, please send an email to

Use this endpoint to check if a particular number can be ported by Flowroute before creating a port order.

This endpoint will return a list of portable and nonportable numbers. Portable phone numbers will be grouped by current service provider and gaining service provider.

Additionally, toll-free and local numbers are managed by different network databases. As a result, local numbers will always be placed in a separate port order from toll-free numbers. In cases where phone numbers have been resold from various underlying carriers, Flowroute will split the port order based on the underlying carrier responsible for the porting numbers.


POST /portorders/portability

Body Parameters

  • portable

    Contains fields related to numbers that can be ported to Flowroute.

  • numbers
    array containing strings

    Contains numbers that the user posted to the endpoint. If nested under the portable field, these numbers can be ported to Flowroute. If nested under the nonportable field, these numbers can not be ported to Flowroute.

  • groups
    array containing hashes

    Contains objects for groupings of portable numbers. This object is designed to guide you in creating your port orders in such a way that will not require splitting up the order later. See guide on Port Order splitting.

  • current_service_provider_name

    Name of the carrier that is currently providing service for the associated numbers.

  • current_service_provider_id

    Unique carrier identifier for the Current Service Provider.

  • gaining_service_provider_name

    Name of the carrier that will take over service for the associated porting numbers. This will always be Flowroute or one of our peering carriers.

  • gaining_service_provider_id

    Unique carrier identifier for the Gaining Service Provider

  • number_type_associated

    Identifies whether the numbers associated with the group are long-code (landline), toll-free, or wireless. This is relevant as Port Orders can only contain numbers of the same type. Learn more about port order splitting here.

  • lata

    Local Access and Transport Area that the associated numbers reside in. This only relates to long-code and wireless numbers.

  • nonportable

    Contains fields related to numbers that can not be ported to Flowroute


Example Request

curl \
	-u accessKey:secretKey \
	-X POST \
	-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
	-d {"numbers": ["12064205780","18444205780","15552348976"]}


Example Response

  "data" : {
    "portable" : {
      "numbers" : [
      "groups": [
          "current_service_provider_name": "Level3",
          "current_service_provider_id": "8824",
          "gaining_service_provider_name": "Flowroute",
          "gaining_service_provider_id": "683G",
          "number_type_associated": "long-code",
          "lata": 674,
          "numbers": ["12064205780"]
          "current_service_provider_name": "Centurylink",
          "current_service_provider_id": "LGT01",
          "gaining_service_provider_name": "Flowroute",
          "gaining_service_provider_id": "FWR01",
          "number_type_associated": "tollfree",
          "lata": null,
          "numbers": ["18444205780"]
    "nonportable": {
      "numbers": [